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Your donations+our own funds = second purchase of trauma supplies for Ukraine:

These two items were specially requested by medical personnel: SAM junctional tourniquets and an intravenous access device (NIO). They are used by doctors when treating the very severely wounded: 1. SAM tourniquets are used to stop the bleeding in the shoulder and pelvic area, areas where a regular CAT tourniquet cannot be used. 2. “Intraosseous” (means inside a bone) device is able to bring the severely wounded from the brink of death by allowing to replenish blood flow. When there is a huge blood loss, there is very minimal if any blood flow in blood vessels in arms and legs, so the vessels collapse, and you can not anymore get a needle in to replenish the blood flow. The doctor will use Intraosseous Access to make a hole in the sternum, which is very porous, and then can send liquids and medications into the sternum and into the blood circulation system.

Unfortunately, these medical items are very expensive: SAM tourniquets run between $320-$390 each (depending if you can catch a sale) Intraosseous access is $130 and can be used only once. Thank you to everyone who contributed and who bought our handmade products. P.S.: If anyone would rather purchase the items themselves( and we will ship them to Ukraine), please send us a message and we will direct you to the trusted distributor. Thank you for your support.

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