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We met the Pulitzer Prize 2023

Nathalie Halbout is with David Halbout at Film Forum.

We went to see the documentary “20 Days of Mariupol”. This film is unique, as @mstyslav.chernov (and his small team) were the only journalists who were able to film the brutal attack and siege of the beautiful Ukranian port city. They were the only journalists present( all the others already left) when the ruzzian tanks rolled in and the hell began. They documented only a small part of the atrocities of the city of 400,000 people. We can only imagine all the untold stories we will never hear. Mariupol is currently under occupation and is almost completely destroyed.

With my background in psychiatry, I always worry about the effect of such trauma on a person.

Mstyslav said that he was doing okay so far and he is working a lot still(sign up for his Instagram account) also writing has been therapeutic.

I wish I could give him something meaningful, something that would make things easier for him…

It was an honor to be able to give him my gladioli from my garden. In Ukraine, we often give flowers to artists and heroes. Mstyslav is both.

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