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War: The terrible impact on the Ukrainian society

August 28 Posted Instagram • @mpalinchakphoto Photo of two women who began to quarrel and fight in line for coupons for humanitarian food aid in Kharkiv, Ukraine on August 1, 2022, along with the story behind it was published in @szmagazin Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. Sixty percent of people in a thousand row for the humanitarian food aid are those who lost their job when war began. Others are pensioners who cannot live with their pension of two - three thousand hryvnias. City government distributes food to locals through eleven specialized offices on a regular basis, but the rows are bigger than the number of packages with help. Volunteer organizations are trying to fill the gap, but the need remains high. According to the recent statistics, 54 percent of businesses in the city are partially or completely closed as a result of full scale russian invasion to Ukraine. Photo taken during assignment for @destandaard magazine.

Thank you, Ralf Zimmermann @ralf__zimmermann and Jakob Feigl @jakob.feigl for continuing showing photos from Ukraine

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