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The horror continues

May 20th 2022

The latest IG post of the Ukrainian president- Zelensky:

“ Kharkiv region. Russian missile strike on the newly reconstructed house of culture. Seven victims including an 11-year-old child.

The occupants have identified culture, education, and humanity as their enemies. And they do not spare either rockets or bombs for them. What is in the head of the people who choose such targets? Absolute evil”

It happened TODAY!

War has been on our minds 24/7.

Nathalie Halbout is constantly thinking of how else we can help Ukraine.

She no longer makes a fun conversationalist. Usually gregarious and ready to laugh at any time, she is now educating our friends over dinner about the war.

Things that she learned herself not too long ago, like what is a prisoner of war? What is a medical term called chest seal and why do they come in two packs? What is a CAT tourniquet and how to tell if it is genuine?

No wonder our dinners are cut short and friends "have to wake up early" suddenly and hurry away.

Nathalie does not care:

« People need to know what war is! »

It is totally fine with her if do not get invited to casual dinners.

"More time to think".

I wonder what her next move.

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