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Nathalie Halbout is with David Halbout in Red Bank, New Jersey.

We are grateful for our American friends and perfect strangers who supported our efforts in sending trauma first aid kits to Ukraine. Those who contributed financially, those who helped to put the word out, those who are keeping an eye on the news and compassionately inquire about the state of affairs of my( (Nathalie) family. We created an AMAZON WISHLIST, should anyone desire to purchase components for the trauma kits for Ukraine (pls, see the link in COMMENTS). Amazon will ship it to our address and we will ship it to our network of volunteers in Lviv. Please share the link. #grateful #frenchfixllc #ukraine #savealife #loveukraine #stopthewar #yellowandblue #holidaygifts #bestgift #grateful #redbanknj #redbank #jerseyshore

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