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Talking about survival

Nathalie Halbout David Halbout Talking about survival. More than a third of the Ukrainian power grid is destroyed, leaving many without electricity or with frequent outages. We called our friend in Kyiv. She did not sound defeated: » We are collecting tins to make candles for the tranches and many are knitting wool socks for the soldiers ». Talking about resistance! I admire Ukrainians!

Euromaidan Press Good morning World! Good morning Ukraine! Ingenious is Ukrainian! Residents of the village of Tarasivka near Kyiv produce original candles, which light up the darkness in the trenches along the front lines. “Some people bring cardboard, others paraffin and wax. We also collected cans at factories, in grocery stores, and in public places. We collect material during the week, and every Saturday about 30-40 people get together to produce the candles.” says Viktoria Besarabets, head of the Tarasivka village council. Candles in small cans burn for 1.5-2 hours, and in large ones - 3-4 hours. “During this time, the soldiers can boil water, heat or cook food, dry their socks, etc. The candle burns in windy weather, so that’s a plus. We’ve made over 1,000. We pack them in boxes, and volunteers deliver them to the front line,” Photo: Volodymyr Tarasov #StandWithUkraine

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