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Open letter to Amazon's CEO

June 2nd 2022

Dear Friends, Nathalie and I have been sourcing CAT tourniquets since the beginning of the war.

We even bought several of them on Amazon, they were clearly labeled as “ 2 Pack Genuine NAR CAT tourniquet Gen 7”. To our great dismay, we discovered that they were flimsy counterfeits! How many unsuspecting volunteers bought it and sent it to Ukraine! How many medics tried to use it in emergency bleeding situation, only to see them fail in the most important moment! So Nathalie and I wrote and mailed a letter to Jeff Bezos and Andy Jessy(past and present CEOs of Amazon)and mailed it on May 11.

PLEASE READ OUR LETTER AND SHARE. We still have not heard back. Since the tourniquets are shipped directly from the Amazon warehouse and they have full control of the quality of the product.

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