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Jason Wojnar came to visit us for a beautiful Music night

Nathalie Halbout is with Jason Wojnar and David Halbout in Red Bank, NJ.

What happens when I go to Ukrainian events in the city? Meet like minded and amazing people.

Here is Jason (an American) who several years ago chose to move to another country. AND he chose Ukraine! Unlike many copycats who usually pick France or some other corny location. He has been living there for past several years studying vocals in Kyiv music university. He is back to NYC after the war started. And he came to visit us in Red Bank.

He loves Ukraine as much as I do. Better yet: he knows and sings many Ukrainian songs.

I hope he can come visit us again, even if it is to see the famous original “Clerks” filming site. #ukraine #ukrainianmusic #fun #visitnewjersey #endthewar #redbank #jerseyshore #rebanknj #ukrainian #slavaukraini

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