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Here is the record of the past three weeks in pictures.

April 10 2022

March 20th: Bought and packed supplies.

Thank you to all who donated and made this possible:

Sarah Luraschi-Weiss and Andy Weiss, Catherine Payne Stephanie Ladiana-Hjelme, Ciara Cates Liz Fordi Rechnitz Carlos Sanchez Alexandre Houcke Judy Brown Houcke Karen Piacentinni Sheila Sims Jurek, Anne Kong, Boris Kofman Kimberly Calabrese Robert Smith, Barbara Suess Ellen Lichtig Brian Murphy Michael Sklar, Tamara Cafaro, John Talarico, Dalit Forman Wlodzimierz Czanocha, Lize Howard, Anne True Milling, Stacey Thermos Kokkinias Jakub Segen, James Caballero, Colin Goodall Jessica Samuels Mathilde Benveniste Christine Elsner, Jim Ryan, Michelle Moon, Christo Wilkus, Joan Chrichton, Antonio Pernia Richard Oppenheim Mark Grieko, Marek Chludzinski Patrick Rek.

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