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Forever grateful

I am forever grateful to Americans, whose heart breaks for Ukraine. Thank you, Kathy (on the photo) for donating life saving CAT tourniquets! We are fundraising and sending trauma supplies to Ukraine. Our team is just us: David and Nathalie Halbout. We are totally grassroots: we do not get a salary, we donate our own funds and absorb all operational costs. In the comments: ways you can help. #redbanknj #redbank #monmouthcounty #newjersey

Any help is welcome and very much appreciated: 1. You can purchase yourself some of the supplies. Please send us a message and we will direct you to a reliable distributor. 2. We can often get better pricing for bulk quantity from a supplier, so every dollar goes a bit further. You can donate through GoFundMe: 3. You can use Venmo: 4. You can purchase our handmade products on our site:

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