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Fleece Jacket Collection

They say "Every cloud has a silver lining" Even if the so called cloud is WAR? I guess so.

When we started collecting fleece jackets to send to Ukraine, we met so many new amazing people who helped us collect 20+ big boxes of warm clothing. Getting to know so many kind individuals is the silver lining...

Bob at 1st Cup Coffee shop in Atlantic Highlands offered to have a collection box at his shop, so did Claire Lois Harbeck the Church of Nativity, and Corinne at the United Methodist Church in Atlantic Highlands, so did two other synagogue groups led by Lynn and Wendy, and Monica Bottone gathered items at her congregation. Then quite miraculously Peter M. Hogan brought a lot of jackets from his charity drive and lifted our spirits by inviting to participate in the Christmas bar crawl. There are so many people who simply dropped their donations at my porch. I am sorry I do not mention everyone’s name! Thank you for being there for Ukraine!

We are with Bob (the owner of the 1st Cup Coffee in Atlantic Highlands). I later discovered that Bob and his wife were buying some jackets themselves and filling the donations box.

We are with the leaders of the United Methodist Church in Atlantic Highlands.

Lynn organized several collection spots

Here are all the boxes. All the jackets were placed in those » vacuum » bags to be most space efficient.

Peter M. Hogan has found us ourselves and brought donations in addition to inviting to his own charity event.

We are with Claire Lois Harbeck in the Church of Nativity in Fair Haven

One of our collection spots was a local bookstore

In the synagogue with Wendy

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