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Commission work for Ukraine

What can a couple of people do to continue raising awareness of the atrocities in Ukraine and continue fundraising? There are many creative ways. One of them is to accept a commission which you would not ordinarily do. Our friend Richard Oppenheim asked Nathalie Halbout (my Ukrainian-born wife) to restore a quilt that was very dear to him.

Handmade many years ago from vintage fabric, it sustained significant damage. Tedious work that would require sourcing and matching up fabrics and working in tiny stitches, would consume many hours.

Nathalie agreed under one condition: continue talking about the war and instead of payment, help us pay for first aid kits to be sent to the Ukrainian frontline.

NOTE: if you do not have a commission for us, you can simply donate by:

Zelle: 732 403 0400

Venmo: @David-Halbout

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