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60 first aid kits for medics on the frontline

April 26th 2022

Update: We are planning to send everything next week. We already paid all the necessary supplies with our own money: $6700.

Helping Ukraine is defending Democracy, Freedom, and helping a country against tyranny. My heart is breaking when I see all the destruction and pain inflicted on the people of Ukraine. For our second round of Donation, we are going to send 60 first aid kits that will help first responders to save lives by controlling massive blood loss from missing limbs or open fractures caused by the shrapnel in the Russian bombs in the hottest spots in Ukraine. This will fulfill part of an official request from the 24th Mechanical Brigade. Our Trusted contact Taras Fito transmitted to us. If you want to read more about what his organization is doing In Ukraine, please read my previous posts.

Maiia, Nathalie's niece, when to the Red Bank Library and read to us this Emily Dickinson's poem:

"If I can stop one Heart from breaking I shall not live in vain If I can ease one Life the Aching Or cool on Pain

Or help one fainting Robin Unto his Nest again I shall not live in Vain."

Each kit cost us $110 to put together. Your help would be greatly appreciated. You can send any amount of money by - Venmo David-Halbout - Zelle 732-403-0400 or - Paypal (option send money to a friend) Please share this post. Thank you very much. David Halbout.

First responders in Kharkiv, this scene is the same anywhere in Ukraine. The Russian bombs cause extensive damage and massive blood loss because of the shrapnel they contain.

Content of the first aid kit we put together for the first responders to save lives.

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Military Unit A0998

Code 0785444


81002 City of Yavoriv

Lwiv district

Request/ inquiry

With the goal of improving the defense capacities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the war with the Russian Federation, we would inquire/request to explore the possibility to acquire for the needs of the 24th mechanical brigade named after Daniil Galitsky, which is now fighting in the hottest spot of the current war defending our Motherland, the following materials, supplies, and equipment:

1. Thermal imager

2. Night vision binoculars

3. Radio station DP 4400, DP 4800

4. Supplies for the first aid for the wounded

5. Notebooks, printers, ink, and power for printing (used condition is acceptable also).

Contact person: Taras Fito +380 674 796 6470

Office of the Head of the Military unit A0998

Colonel Roman Mamavko

The 60 CAT tourniquets were bought from an official distributor in New Jersey.

Invoice for the 60 tourniquets

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