Welcome fall with these unique eco-friendly silk masks:
the silk is hand-dyed using yellow onion skins: one of the oldest dyes in the world.
Each mask is one of a kind, and the hues of orange, brown, and yellow will slightly differ from mask to mask.
Silk dyed with natural dye, such as onion skins, in this case, is free of toxins and harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment or irritate the skin.


✅ Adjustable elastic around the head and fits all head sizes.
✅ Earloops adjustable fits all head sizes.
✅ Elastic straps around the head.

✅ Nose wire-no foggy glasses
✅ Two layers of fabric: Front 100% silk, inside 100% cotton
✅ Sturdy construction
✅ Professionally tailored in Red Bank, NJ, USA.

Silk Face Mask ECO Print, Organic naturally dyed Designer face mask

Attachment method
  • - Our original design was developed after donating hundreds of masks to medical facilities in the U.S.
    - 6 inches insulated, soft, non-rust NOSE WIRE extending along the length of the top edge of the mask for an ultimate snug fit, will not fog the glasses.
    - 2 ADJUSTABLE elastic bands around the head, 20 inches long, with stoppers and safety bead. You can adjust the fit exactly as you want. A true One Size Fits All.
    - 2 Earloops adjustable will fit any head size.
    - 2 elastic straps around the head, 12 inches long perfect for long wear at the office.
    - 3 generous pleats allowing for plenty of room to breathe and secure fit, no gaping on the sides.
    - reinforced stitching ensures that the mask will hold up to repeated use.
    - back of the mask is yellow.
    - Ready size: 8 by 3.5 inches, Expanded size: 8 by 7.5 inches (approximately)