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Your money at work

May 26th 2022

Dear Donors, please see your money at work: The 60 first aid kits were safely received my our contact Taras Fito in Lviv. As you might have read in my previous post: Taras is a co-owner of a Ukrainian peanut butter company. In addition to developing new recipes, he dedicates a lot of his time to procurement of medications and supplies for the hot spots in Ukraine. Taras does it like to talk about his efforts, as so many Ukrainians we know. They feel it is every Ukrainian’s job to do the best to help the motherland.

As soon as he got the supplies, his team got busy assembling them in bags and packed them up in his car and drove off to deliver. Pictures tell it all. #SaveUkraine #democracy #warukraine #maslotom #stopwar #StopPutinNOW #volunteer #firstaidkit #helpukraine #motherland #stopthebleed #donation #gratitude #supportukraine #help

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