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Today is Ukrainian Independence Day

August 22

Wednesday 5 pm, Neptune City, NJ. Flag raising to honor Ukrainian Independence Day. Hope to see you there.

Just saw this dear to my heart Ukrainian motto on the cover of Time magazine »Life will conquer death and light will conquer darkness ». The magazine was in a pile of free books in the local library and in black marker, it was written ”DISCARD” Yes, the war in Ukraine is old news( the issue is several months old). People moved on and attention shifted elsewhere. But we, Ukrainians, cannot let the world, and American politicians forget about the raging war in our homeland. Independence Fay is 24 of August, and there will be a flag raising in Neptune, NJ. My family is going. We feel compelled. If we do not keep Ukraine in our hearts, how can we expect others to do the same? See the flag-raising info in the next photo. #loveukraine #independencedayukraine2022 #warinukraine #neptunecity #activist #freedom #independenceday #redbanknj

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