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The trauma kits arrived in Lviv

Our cargo (trauma first aid supplies and fleece jackets) were received by our volunteers in Lviv, Ukraine: Tenya Kuzmych and Taras Fito (brother and sister).

A bit of a story: Before the start of the war, Tenya and her husband Michael were working in China. As the war broke out, her husband volunteered to defend his homeland. Tenya stayed and continued to work( she is an English teacher) and dedicated her time and a big chunk of her salary to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. For the past months we talked on the phone almost daily. Tenya’s brother Віктор Фітьо (Victor) and her husband were both at the front now. When Tenya did not hear from her men for a few days, I was worried with her: « what if they …» We never uttered that word. I shared my worries about my wheelchair bound disabled sister and her elderly husband who had to flee Kyiv and ended up as refugees in Prague. At last, Tenya decided that her talents would be best used in Ukraine and recently returned to her home city of Lviv, in the west of Ukraine. Please read her posts about the life in Ukraine Again, thank you to all our friends who made it happen.

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