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The shipment is on its way!

May 23rd 2022

The precious boxes containing 60 first aid kits are on their way to Ukraine! They needed the supplies fast and we could not wait any longer to collect the missing money. We shipped the cargo even though we only collected less than 2/3 of the desired amount. The rest of the funds came from our savings. I know many Ukrainians do the same and more, but keep quiet about it. What Ukrainians are doing now is similar to the efforts of French Resistance during the WW II: organizing networks to deliver the needed items directly to those in the war zone. We are in a process of creating a non-profit, but for now it is just Nathalie Halbout and I. I know many people feel more comfortable donating to big organizations.

The advantages of donating to grassroots teams like ours? -We have NO operating costs -We do not receive a penny of salary and all the money is spent on the needed supplies, and we supplement with our funds. -You will see exactly where your money is going.

Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for your support! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Ukrainian heroes!

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