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Thank you

While donations are slowly trickling in, we put our own money to buy the ingredients for the kits.

We are staying transparent with where your donations are used. Thank you, Ciara and Aaron Cates, Frances Foden, Kathleen Sheerin, Liz Fordi Rechnitz, Jodi Dash, Suzanne Rauso, Diane Davis, Carol Salomon, Cynthia Auerbach, Troy Richards, Bonnie Klein and Ron Klein, Cheri Maria Russo, Cathy Aronson, Jessica Susan, Ann Blackwell, Rex Orlando Genzola Gimotea for your donations. We will keep you updated on the progress. Two of the components of the First Aid Kit are compressed gauze and a chest seal (the importance of having a double pack was discussed in my earlier post). On Amazon, the prices on those and many other medical items have jumped on average 15 % within the last week and the wait to get them was extended to about 6 days (pretty unheard of on Amazon Prime). So we went to the distributor: pricing was better and shipping was speedy.

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