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Tenya Fito, help Ukriane from Sanghai

May 24th 2022

And now for the report. About what we have done because of the many kind and selfless people who do not tire of helping.

In my effort to help, I have been lucky to work with wonderful people: Yaryna Ivankiv , Арахісова паста ТОМ , Anastasia Kosenkova (and their warm family of employees and clients David Halbout , і Taras Fito and Nathalie Halbout and Ана Mykhailo Boiko

Yarynka told me before the war - don't panic! If there will be a war, we will fight. She will convince someone that everything will be fine

Maslotom helps since the first days of the war, in many ways. You can read about it on their pages in FB and Instagram, although often in photos and posts there is no time.

David and Natalie also responded immediately, and how much they managed to do can be read on their FB pages.

I will start the first amendment report after I join.

April 30th 1) Automobile 2) Thermal Visor - 3 Spent: 301,050 UAH (own and costs of friends) 3) Medication (on which Yaryna announced collection) Spent: 10,970.22 UAH

May the 9th Medications to the military hospital in Bakhmut Spent: 17,984.75 UAH + help from funds (all who helped - in a separate post of Yaryna).

May the 15th 1) Helmets 2) T-shirts (120), underwear (20) and socks (20) 3) Tactical goggles (3) 4) Raincoats (10) 5) Electric Stove (1) 6) Tactical gloves 7) Remedies for insect bites Hygiene products 9) Yummies Spent: 14,990 UAH 10) Medical technology and medication Everything on the list (request from medroti) CRIMEA - one machine of SHVL - one EKG machine Spent: UAH 12,418.75

May 22nd 1) Tactical first aid kits-60 ifak (part of the ingredients purchased in the United States, part bought here and first aid kits by NATO standards) 2) Summer bersies - 6 pairs 3) Military Set ( (backpack, unloading, 2 summaries of 3 stores, summary on turnstile, Camel bag (water bag, separately refilled rubber for insert), bag on worked shops 4) Tactical gloves - 15 pairs 5) Flask for water thermozberíga ляčí with results-8 6) Binoculars (2) 7) Long-lasting Storage Products Military beds (5) 9) Part of the components for tactical first aid kits Spent: 2700 dol + 27968 UAH (+ collecting David and Natalie) For medroti and hospital in bakhmut: 10) Sevoran - 6 bottles 11) EKG device 12) Infusomat

And now I want to say thank you again. A very big thank you to David and Natalie. These are friends and people with big hearts, and their contribution cannot be overestimated. David & Natalie are hosting fundraisers at their home, reaching out with reporters, helping with information and expanding financial aid resources. And are supported with kind words. Thank you guys

Thank you very much yaryní якаvankív who can and can find everything (Yaryna, you're pritula in the medical field). Thank you for your time, for your dedication, for your fighting spirit. You are so invincible! And definitely one in the world. Thank you to everyone who helped Yaryna find and send everything (!!! ) from the request lists

Many thanks to Intellias Ukraine for responding and sharing the information about the collection among your colleagues at Nataliya Kitsera - Perun Once again perekonalasʹ that itíšniki are cool! Natalie, glad you are in my life

Thank you so much Rostyslav Kopak , Michael’s good friend, and now our family friend, for 5 boxes of goodies for the boys

Thank you very much UA and the Ukrainian community of China Expats Save Nazar Simutenko for financial assistance, as well as for patriotic conversations and cherishing your Ukrainianness

Thank you very much to my colleagues from Ivan Franko LNU, for instantly responding, for words of support and for optimism Anetta Artsyshevska Natalie Boulanovych Світлана Маркелова Богдана Сенчина

Ukrainians are unique in their ability to unite for a common goal. We now defend our values, our freedom, our homes and loved ones. And we do it together, so we will WIN for sure.

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