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Taras Fito, the man who delivers all the donations to the frontline

May 17th 2022.

People often cautiously ask us: "if I donate to you, how can I know where it ends up? I hear all kinds of stories".

Here is the answer: All the supplies bought with your funds are delivered to Taras Fito, He is a trusted mutual friend with whom we came in contact in the beginning of the war. He co-owns a peanut butter company Арахісова паста ТОМ with Mykhailo Boiko, and he procures and delivers the needed supplies to the front line. He gets in his car and drives there, as simple as that! He does not like to boast about it and very reluctantly gave us permission to talk about him on our page. He feels that it is a job of every Ukrainian to help to the best of one's abilities. I agree. But we want our donors to know who Taras is and what Taras does. Here a screenshot of our recent video chat about what is going on Ukraine

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