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Something I didn't want to learn

May 2nd 2022

I usually do not post on social media.

This time I decided to keep a sort of a war diary. Even though I am thousands of miles away from the war, Nathalie and I are constantly reminded of it’s brutality.

We are starting to buy supplies to complete first aid kits. One of the components of the kit is a double pack of chest seals. Chest seal is a clear adhesive dressing that is placed on on the chest wound to prevent air getting inside the lungs. I was puzzled by the fact that all chest seals come in double packs. “Why do we need two seals if there is only one wound? The answer came quickly and was starting . There is a two pack because when a bullet is shot it usually goes through a person and makes two holes: one at the entrance and one at the exit…The war became much more real now…#war #warinukraine #savealife #firstaid #chestseal #everlitsurvival #endrussianaggression #loveukraine #warzone #wounded

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