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Please donate to help bring supplies directly to those in need in Ukraine.

March 14th 2022

Dear Friends, My wife Nathalie is Ukrainian. She flew out last week to join her niece, Maiia in Prague. Maiia managed to escape from Kyiv by a pure miracle. Natalie took to Prague a 90-pound bag with humanitarian aid, which has already been delivered to the brave Ukrainians. There is a pretty efficient logistic channel between Prague and Ukraine: goods are delivered literally within days.

I am flying out to Prague on March 21 and I have been asked to bring more supplies to the wounded and the soldiers in Ukraine.

Those goods will be delivered directly to the brave Ukrainian people.

Please consider donating:

On Paypal: For my Zelle and Venmo information, please see the pictures below.

Thank you for sharing. David Halbout

Nathalie at the Airport Tuesday

Our contact in Ukraine

First aid kits

Tourniquets we are sending

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