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Our donation made it through the Ukrainian border

April 10th 2022

Our donation made it through the Ukrainian border and was received in Lviv by Taras Fito. Thank you Angus MacLean Rennie for introducing us to Taras Fito and Mykhailo Boiko: owners of Арахісова паста ТОМ. During peaceful times their company is the biggest producer of peanut butter in Ukraine. These two entrepreneurs used their resources to help their country and fellow citizens: - Taras was responsible for obtaining, gathering, and delivering supplies to the army, and hospitals. - Mykhailo stayed in Kyiv to concentrate his efforts on providing car rides to those who wanted to get to the train station for evacuation, and obtaining and delivering medications that were no longer available in the capital, Kyiv. His team was also delivering groceries to the disabled and the elderly. My sister-in-law, Alla, received a three months supply of medication that Mykhailo's team found in western Ukraine. The volunteer efforts of small businesses like Арахісова паста ТОМ (Peanut Butter Maslo Tom) are the backbone of the resistance and the defense efforts in this terrible war. "Volunteers are another force of this war. Without them, we would have half of the capacity to fight. Volunteers are doing a phenomenal job, sometimes with risk for their lives." New-York Times

The big international charity organizations will only go where it is safe, while the volunteers will go where it is needed. Thank you for your work and courage. Slava Ukraine, Glory to the heroes. The last time Nathalie talked to Mykhailo back at the beginning of March, he was about to deliver insulin to someone during an air raid.

Taras Fito receiving the supplies at the border.

Loading up the supplies for the army

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