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My sister-in-law and her husband made it to safety

March 20th.

My sister-in-law Alla and her husband, Vladimir, finally made it to safety in Prague. It was nothing short of a miracle: being disabled in a wheelchair with her elderly husband, 81 years old. In between air raids, martial law hours, a rocket destroying a nearby high-rise, and blown up the windows of their apartment, and falls in transit. She fell out of her wheelchair while crossing the border, and slipped and fell in the shower in a hotel, almost broke her knee.

It took a lot of time and effort to get her to see the doctor and find her the basic equipment: a medical bed, a walker, and a toilet chair.

It was quite challenging when I was calling on the phone some companies asking if they spoke English, only to hear: "No English" and hanging up on me.

It was a logistical nightmare to get her out of the house, Alla and her husband had to go to several government offices in Prague in order to be registered as refugees, waiting in huge lines as Prague by itself has accepted 100 000 refugees in a city of 1 300 000 inhabitants.

The city is so full that some companies went back to partial remote work to free up office space as living quarters for refugees.

When Alla Arrived in Prague, she brought only one set of clothing. I bought some plus-size garments in New Jersey. I couldn't find any skirts at this time of the year, I had no choice but to cut and sew some.

Working for the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, I have my way with a sewing machine.

Vladimir, Maiia, Matvey, Nathalie, Alla and I.

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