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More Kits arrived in Ukraine

David Halbout Dearest Friends! I do mean the capital letter! We are excited to report that our precious cargo of 70 first aid kits was received by our volunteer Taras Fito in Ukraine. We would like to thank everybody who made it possible either by donating or by buying our work. Fundraising is not easy, and one has to be creative. This is how we did it: 1. Organized Nathalie’s Birthday party with gourmet Ukrainian food, and asked all the guests to make donations for first aid kits instead of gifts. 2. Participated in 5 craft fairs/ events selling Nathalie’s s unique textiles. 3. Created small items in patriotic colors and offered them for sale( Maiia came up with the birdhouses in Mondrian style), and bicolored silk scarves. Both are still available for sale. 4. We reached out literally to EVERYONE we know(including fellow patrons in the gym), telling them about our mission. Almost all monetary donations came from people who know us personally. We would like to thank for your support: Betsy Barrett Richard Oppenheim Rich and Pat Raphael, Pamela Renee Jose Jun Militante, Mr. Campbell, Marek from WA, Mithra Busler, his family, and his Friend, Nancy and Larry, Eileen Moon Anna Blume Christopher Di Turi Donna Scaffa Barbara Talerico Herb and Pat from the gym Tiffany Unice Battista Laurel Lee Karen Scheetz Liz DeBeer Boris Kofman Leslie Gunther Kathleen and Will from NYC, Janet R., Carmen and John Mustile, Stephanie Ladiana-Hjelm Larisa Sheremet John and Katherine Kimber Gabry Lisa Bagwell, Vlad Nagornyi Ellen Lichtig and all the birthday party guests. A huge Thank You to Cheri Maria Russo Matt, and Steve Russo for your contribution: You made us believe in miracles! We cannot thank you enough.

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