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Memorial Day, we met a WWII Veteran.

Yet another meeting of amazing people in Ocean Grove after the Memorial Day parade. Charlotte (on the left) is a local photographer and stories collector. She asked us about the Ukrainian flag and we were only happy to tell our story. Just after we met Jules Reznick: WWII veteran, who happens to be a spunky 97 year old (in the middle). We shared our stories of war: I told him about my grand aunt being a nurse in WWII, herself sustained injuries and never regained her full health, about my grand uncle making it all the way to Berlin, about my grandfather who was killed by Germans…. about my friend’s brother who was killed defending Ukraine against the ruzzian invaders this time last year, about my friend’s husband being on the frontline today…So many stories… Another man was passing by and heard us speak Ukrainian and said with confidence "Ukraine will win" I replied "We pray for it every day", His response : "You are not alone". Those two interactions make me want to go back to Ocean Grove just to get energized, while proudly wearing our National Colors. Second photo: David’s patriotic look was not easy to put together, as bright yellow shorts are not in ample supply!

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