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Mariupol - Photo exhibition

Those are the two most candid reporters of the war in Ukraine. We have followed them from the beginning of the war. Planning to go to hear them talk this Saturday afternoon( from 4 to 7 pm). Please see the details in the original post. Please invite your friends so that they can see the reality of this war.

In September, I contacted Virlana Tkacz asking to help organize an exhibition in New York. It was very spontaneous and very little time to organize and find the premises considering all galleries are painted a year ahead. But Virlâní managed to agree and now our exhibition from Mariupol will be in Manhattan. If you want to come and show your friends the real footage of the war, then come to the event. The exhibition will be open from today until November 20. Mariupol - the exhibition of award-winning photographs & video from the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine this year by Evgeniy Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov (AP) opens this week Wed-Sun 11-6 at Howl Arts! 250 Bowery, 2nd floor, New York City. We have two events: reception with artists - Nov 12 Saturday 4-7 PM and Yara's "Music & Spoken Word for Mariupol" Nov 20 Sunday at 5:00 PM

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