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Flag raising II

#GRANDPARENTS_VISA #PROJECT August 24, 2022, on the Independence Day of Ukraine, Congressman Chris Smith once again expressed his support to us. The Royal Ceremony of Raising the Ukrainian Flag took place in Memorial Park in Neptune City, NJ. Congressman Chris Smith accepted the children's proposal to implement the "Grandparents VISA" project. The idea of ​​the Bill was developed by children and provides for the creation of a special visa to the USA for grandparents. "America is the strongest and best country in the world, but many children like me are sad because they can't see their grandparents for many years. We should make this project a law and everyone will be happier," Marta Misyats noted during an informal conversation with Congressman Chris Smith. P.S. The Ditlachs are preparing for an important meeting with the Congressman to open another door to the United States through which grandparents can enter to hug their grandchildren. God Bless America!

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