Face mask for workplace

At the start of the pandemic, we designed our own mask with these criteria in mind:

  • fit any head size

  • do not slip off the face when talking

  • truly no fog the glasses

  • comfortable

  • breathable

  • Double mask ready

We donated hundreds of them to NYC hospitals to doctors and nurses when P.P.E. was in short supply. These workers were wearing our masks for 12 hours shift.

Our masks are made for people, we developed user-friendly and comfortable designs. We use only premium material and we follow CDC guidelines. We developed this mask to its final stage listening to feedback from final users.

The masks are made to order, handcrafted one by one, every option can be customized to your needs. Quality is our goal.
100% of our prospects ordered from us.

review 5.png

Earloop mask
This mask with loops over the ears is a "one size fits any head size" with the adjuster on the elastic. Our unique design includes a safety bead, it prevents the adjuster from sliding off.


Elastic around the head mask
This mask with straps over the head is a "one size fits any head size". It provides a comfortable fit to wear all day long.

review 4.png

Adjustable elastic around the head mask.
one size fits any head size. This mask is the most comfortable and more versatile. One can adjust the fit. No stress on the ears, no discomfort. Can hang around the neck and mask up in seconds when needed.

review 3.png
lanyard bi.png

Lanyard mask.
Our latest invention, a mask with adjustable earloops and a built-in lanyard, one size fits any head size. A very comfortable mask and very versatile. It can hang around the neck and mask up in seconds when needed.

Review 9.png